About Us


Bespoken high-end Interior Pieces with a Modern Contemporary interpretations of alluring Classic Luxury design

Melba is an exclusive bespoke furniture and custom-made solutions aimed at satisfying the needs for the Luxury Contemporary Living style. As a member of The Luxury Asia Living group launched in 2022, Melba Living carries Furniture Collection that has a great tradition which is in-line with Masterpiece as its Mother Brand. Each creation comes with a Luxurious Taste populated with Classic Contemporary design , a fusion of different style and decor that will survive through time. Melba has its own expression and magnetism, which derives from a soft character with a wealthy, playful and exuberant lifestyle. Moving among Melba creations, one has the feeling of being exposed to something that transcends the categories of sensational design, luxury and beyond. Filled with passion, Melba strikes a Modern interpretation of Classic European Style that enhances its innovative and cutting-edge design. Layers of materials, textures and stitching are combined to define its own kind of luxury. Each piece is surprisingly unique of its own originality , formed by the combination and harmonious contrast between materials. Melba latest designs are enriched with lavishness and austerity , giving clients and designers endless styling possibilities equiped from furniture to lighting and accessories. In possession of Melba Collection, clients will enter a comfortable lifestyle experience with elegance and glamorous atmosphere. With the generous choice of customize models and sizes, every living space can be enriched with 'Fashionable' and ‘Affordable’ Melba Living pieces.